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Abdi dishes on honesty, his relationship with the Sheikh of Abu Dhabi and great bruschetta

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Abdi International founder Marco Abdi Photograph A.J. Valadka The converted house in Calgary’s Bridgeland neighbourhood that houses Marco Abdi’s La Brezza Ristorante is drab and underwhelming. But while Abdi has become renowned for his positive personality and Hollywood-calibre smile, he’s a shrewd businessman. In addition to owning and operating his Italian restaurant, Abdi is the founder of Abdi International, a firm that helps Canadian companies to do business in the United Arab Emirates.

It’s the relationships he’s built in the Middle East (where he lived, off and on, before settling in Calgary in 1980) that he’s most excited about. Alberta Venture’s Max Fawcett sat down for lunch and talked with him about what it’s like to do business in the Middle East, what he likes – and doesn’t – about Canada and why greed really isn’t good.

MF: What’s in this bruschetta? It’s so good. MA: Everything’s fresh. Most people use dried ingredients and spices, but here, everything’s fresh.

MF: Actually, everything I’ve had so far is good. Why haven’t you opened another location? MA: The number one killer isn’t cancer. It’s greed. I’m happy with what I have. So many people, they don’t enjoy what they have, and by the time they wake up they’re in the hospital.

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Dayactirka Safaarada Somalia ee Belguim oo laga Tashaday (SAWIRRO)

Feberaayo 05, 2014 (Moment Media Ethics) — Safiirka Dowladda Federaalka Soomaaliya u fadhiya magaalada Brussels ee xarunta Midowga Yurub, Cali Siciid Fiqi, ayaa xafiiskiisa ku qaabilay qorbe-joog Soomaaliyeed oo ka kala yimid dalalka Britain iyo Holland.Labada dhinac ayaa ka wada hadlay sidii dayac-tir loogu sameyn lahaa dhismaha safaaradda oo muddo dheer aan wax dayac-tir ah lagu sameyn, islamarkaana xilligan uu burbur xooggani ka muuqdo.Dan-jire Fiqi, ayaa qurbe-joogta warbixin kooban ka siiyey xaaladda uu dhismaha safaaraddu ku sugan yahay, nooca uu yahay dayactirka ay u baahan tahay in lagu sameeyo iyo weliba kharashka ku bixi kara.“Runtii maanta waa ii farxad in aan arko muwaadiniin Soomaaliyeed oo dhahaya waxaan dooneynaa in aan gacan idin ku siino sidii dib loogu dayactiri lahaa dhismaha Safaarrada…” safiirka ayaa sidaas yiri. Continue reading

Doowladaaneey ma waxa aan ku moodney, mise waxa aad inagu noqotey!


Allaah ayaa mahad oo idil iska leh, nabadgalyo iyo naxariisina Nabigeena Muxammad ah korkiisa Allaha yeelo.

Intaa kabacdi, akhristaha sharafta badanoow, aan ku bilaabo’e, waxaan in badan oo ummada Soomaaliyeed ka mid ah aan kala simanaa xaga niyad wanaaga, rajo ku qabida, iyo ku faraxsanaanta dowlada maanta jirta iyo madaxda xilka qabatey, oo igala duwanaa kuwii aan kasoo daalney. Waxaan ka mid ahaa Soomaali badan oo aad u taageertey dowladan Madaxweynaha uu ka yahay mudane Xassan Sh. Maxamuud, sababo badan oo jira darteed. Waa mide dareenkaa waxaa in badan igaliyey xaalada dalkeena iyo dadkeenaba eey ku jiraan. Waan ka wada dharagsannahay in aan nahay ummad bislaatey, qax iyo dagaallo sokeeye oo dabadheeraadey ku baaba’day, dhagahoodana waxkasta oo liita ee xumaanba ah eey usoo yeereen, oo eey ka dhargeen, kadib markii aan noqonney, waa sida Soomaalidu tiraahdo’e, “Wixii xunba xaawaa leh!”.

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ibrahimippot.jpgAmerican business owners show how private investment is key in the global fight against poverty.

Moment Research Consultancy — The names of the Somalis who work at the Aran Guest House in Mogadishu — one of the few in the city with security robust enough for overnight stays for international visitors — may well be little remembered by diplomats, aid workers, and the occasional businesspeople who pass through here.

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Somalia: Puntland’s Punted Polls

imageNairobi/Brussels, 19 December 2013: Puntland’s presidential election, scheduled for January, threatens to exacerbate clan tensions and polarise the population. To keep the regional state on the path of democratisation, deep investment from local, national and international actors will be crucial.

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An interview with Nadifa Mohamed: “I don’t feel bound by Somalia…but the stories that have really motivated me are from there”

imageNadifa Mohamed: “I wanted [in this book] to sink deeply into a small thing.”

Nadifa Mohamed is a writer with a growing reputation as a powerful and poetic literary voice within the global Somali diaspora. Born in Hargeisa – the present-day capital of Somaliland – in the early 1980s, she left during the civil war when “the city wasn’t really functional – it was blacked-out and curfewed (but I don’t remember that).” This year she was nominated as one of Granta’s ‘Best of Young British Novelists’, her first novel, ‘Black Mamba Boy’ was shortlisted for The Guardian First Book Award.
Whilst most contemporary writing about Somalia focuses on the war, Mohamed’s recently published ‘The Orchard of Lost Souls’ is much more than just an account of violence and suffering.

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“Le cinque giornate di Somalia”, appuntamento domani, Giovedi 31 ottobre

imageL’appuntamento è per domani, giovedì 31 ottobre ORE 11 – ROMA presso la sede della FNSI in Corso Vittorio Emanuele II, 349

Nella tormentata terra di Somalia, cinque italiane hanno testimoniato il loro amore per la pace con la vita. Cinque storie diverse per età, esperienze campi di lavoro e servizio, cinque storie esemplari accomunate dalla fedeltà ai valori e dalla scelta di una terra difficile segnata dalle violenze, dalle uccisioni, dal sangue in cui le loro stesse vite si sono spente. La volontaria forlivese Annalena Tonelli, suor Leonella Sgorbati, la giornalista Ilaria Alpi, la dottoressa Graziella Fumagalli e la crocerossina Maria Cristina Luinetti sono Italiane di nascita e “somale” per la terra che hanno amato e rappresentano pagine della storia, spesso ancora oscura, degli ultimi 20 anni del Paese del Corno d’Africa. Una terra da cui continuano a partire migliaia di migranti che affrontano il rischio di viaggi ai limiti dell’impossibile, seguendo una rotta inversa da quella di queste donne che hanno speso sacrifici ed energie per costruire una vita migliore al di là del Mediterraneo.

L’Ucsi Lazio vuole ricordare “Le cinque italiane di Somalia” con una tavola rotonda che si svolgeràgiovedì 31 ottobre alle 11.00 presso la Federazione Nazionale della Stampa Italiana, Corso Vittorio Emanuele 349 Roma. Parteciperanno all’incontro, animato da testimonianze dall’estero, filmati e testimonianze: Franco Siddi, Segretario generale FNSI; Vania De Luca Presidente Ucsi Lazio; Andrea Melodia Presidente nazionale Ucsi; la sociologa Censis Elisa Manna, “Donne che sfidano la guerra: come ne parlano i media”; Silvio Tessari, Caritas italiana “Tre anni in Somalia con Annalena e Graziella”;Elisa Marincola, giornalista Rainews 24 “La verità di Ilaria”; Miela Fagiolo D’Attilia, giornalista Popoli e Missione “ Leonella e le altre: il rischio di dimenticare”.

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