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A state by definition is an independent sovereign state. Sovereignty entails supreme authority within one’s state. Hence, a sovereign state is free to shape its domestic policy, which reflects in turn its foreign policy that is directed towards its national interests. National interest, per se, includes many things that are essential to the existence of state, in particular securing its vital interests which are the protection of its people and border.

Somalia’s President Mohamud speaks during an interview with Reuters in Mogadishu
Somalia’s President Hassan Sh. Mohamud
Under the reign of president Hassan Sheikh, Somalia’s people along with its borders are at risk. None has protection from foreign intervention. It seems President Hassan has abandoned his authority to frame the domestic policy of Somalia. In fact, he appears to be hireling of Western donors and neighboring countries, especially Ethiopia, if not he is a man with a purpose to fulfill his commitment (which you can listen the link below) to make Somalia part of Ethiopia instead of being the decision-maker of Somalia.

Surprisingly, any decision that matters for Somalia, whether domestic or external is decided either by Western nations, better known as the international community or its neighbors. Hassan Sheikh’s abdication of Somali domestic policy has, therefore, opened the floodgates of outside intervention in the country’s domestic policy. Little wonder that Somalia became a “Newfoundland” whereby vultures of different shade descend on it to have their bite. Otherwise, weak and poor country like Ethiopia will not have the authority to be the referee of Somali affairs or even dare enough to interfere if Hassan Sheikh is not the bed-maker of Ethiopia.

President Hassan Sheikh adopts policy of silence to smooth Ethiopia’s designs on Somalia. If not, how fragile state like Ethiopia feels to have especial license to claim Somalia’s interest to be its interest- a fact that glosses Somalia’s separateness as a state. And this claim has become a practice among Ethiopian officials to parrot the false claims of their Prime Minister Hailemariam Desalegn in which he has repeatedly asserted in an interview he has given to the BBC that they help Somali people as if there is no state, and government in the name of Somalia. This is indeed a telling reminder that Ethiopia has abrogated the domestic policy of Somalia.

Sadly, neither Hassan Sheikh nor the head of Somali mission in Washington, DC, was able to refute and give rightly a deserved response to the Ethiopian officials irrespective of their position to mind their own business. For instance, the Ethiopian ambassador in Washington, DC, proclaimed in his welcoming inauguration address of the Somali Embassy in Washington, DC, that his job is to care the interest of Somali people. Then what is the use of the Somali missions, and in particular the one in Washington, DC.

Yet, president Hassan Sheikh loudly begs Somalis to trust him while acting disingenuously to accentuate their troubles. He wrote a letter of authorization to IGAD, an Ethiopian tool of interference based in Djibouti, which as an organization Somalia was not part of its transformation in 1996 from IGADD to IGAD for the deployment of Ethiopian Army in Jubbaland. As a result of Hassan’s authorization, a contingent of Ethiopian armed force was deployed in Kismayo. Subsequently, Ethiopia claimed their forces will be operating at the Kismayo port, if not it will redeploy back home its army, though the Kenyan Defense Forces are stationed at the port as part of AMISOM force.

This stand of theirs, however, is clear indication that Ethiopia’s aim in Jubbaland and Hassan’s authorization meant port grab rather than the misplaced claim of the figure head of Jubbaland Mr. Ahmed Madoobe who believes in his defense as opposed by the elders of Jubbaland that the Ethiopian presence in Kismayo is to help liberate the remaining areas under Al-Shabab, mainly Jamama, Jilib and Bu’ale, the capital of the Jubbaland. Not only that, their IGAD representative in Somalia, General Gabre, has initiated an ugly initiative that took place at a hotel in Mogadishu under the nose of Hassan Sheikh. At the hotel, Gabre met some individuals from Ayr clan of Habir Gidir as widely reported and signed an agreement of understanding that commit the Ayr clan in the middle region of Somalia to cooperate and collaborate with Addis Ababa regime, in other words to submit themselves under Ethiopian jurisdiction, and Ethiopia, on her part will defend them. In addition, the Ayr clan called Ethiopian army to have a base in Dusamareb, the capital of Galmudug, while Ethiopia will work to merge its mercenary militia of Ahli Sunna with the militia of Abdikarim Guuled, so as they will have the final say of Galmudug State.

Furthermore, Ethiopian soldiers denied delegation from the Federal Parliament to visit Elberde of Bakol region for a fact finding, though Elberde is a Somali town; in an another incident, Ethiopian forces have refused to allow an officer appointed to be district officer by the Federal Government ,and instead placed their own appointed man. Worse still, they recruited soldiers from Ethiopia and registered them as the military force of South-West State of Somalia. Still, president Hassan Sheikh does not see all those above mentioned acts as a state within state that warrant a national war to put an end to the interference of Ethiopia in Somalia.

President Hassan Sheikh, in fact, as usual, is putting his smiling face upfront as if nothing of a national concern is at the offing. His worry centers only how to be re-elected in August 2016. One does not understand what Hassan Sheikh will rule after 2016 if re-elected, which in any case will be the “storm” the former UN Special Representative for Somalia, Nicolas Kay, has predicted.

The British are training 1800 special force from Uganda under British umbrella to fend off the coming storms in order to protect their gains from Hassan’s rule. They will spread that force all over Somalia. While Ethiopia is pouring men and equipment in Mogadishu to secure their man, Hassan Sheikh and Somali Villa, in the event of his removal by those not in favor of her. Others not to be outdone are rushing to stake their claims before the brewing storm by building military bases in Mogadishu. The likes of Turkey and Italy are in this bracket. The bases will form their centers of bargain over the spoils of August 2016 storm.

Yet, the Somali officials are blind to the coming storm. They are in fact denying it by making fuss about the storm like the speaker of the Federal Parliament, Mr.Mohamed Osman Jawari, who raised hue and cry over Nicolas’ statement of the storm, and at the same time, he and his pseudo-Somali officials are vociferously happy to debate the circus that they have been put in for the way forward for Somalia – that of 4.5 and one- man-one vote, which is a fruitless endeavor, while the country is yearning for a direction to come out the rudder less morass president Hassan Sheikh has driven into it. Added that to Jawari and his ilk who have utterly failed to stand up for the dignity and the independence of the nation that they are a witness as reported by the Caasimada Online the orders given to president Hassan Sheikh by the Ethiopian Foreign Minister to attend a gathering of the ineffectual leaders of the Federal States which was to be held in Kismayo on 10 January 2016, that President Hassan Sheikh intended its inception at a later day. However, the concern of the meeting was related to issues on Somalia, and had nothing to do with Ethiopia. Nevertheless, the order was a blessing in disguise that had cleared all the misgivings that Hassan and his cronies with the spineless members of the Federal Parliament are the dummy representatives of Ethiopia. Now that the Somalis at large have seen the true colors of the so-called Federal Republic of Somalia, it is their duty to come together urgently, organize themselves, put aside the evil of clannishness, and not only decide the fate of their country, but also by any means show the Ethiopians out of the country.

To do so, there should be a call for a general Somali congress headed by eminent, independent learned Somalis in which the attendees include representatives of political parties, ulemas, both of which have no affinities with any outside organization, and some section of the general public.

The congress, being well aware of the causes of our misery as lack of leadership, non-existence of strategies to unify us, putting blame than sorting out of a workable solution, should select among the attendees a leader who has integrity and is above the fray of clannish who will be their front man for the coming elections. Then chart out the strategies to tackle along with the tactics to secure our border and our clannish divisions, the nemesis of our failure. The last but not the least, the outcome of the congress should make abundantly clear the chieftains as well those of “waa lay wataa aniga”(agents of outside powers) by asking where their trust lies, is it their clans, or the international community, or the neighboring countries or Somalia, since some of them became knowingly interference-facilitators domestically? Depending on where they stand, public campaign of awareness against those who place their allegiance other than Somalia should ensue apart of what is the need of the hour.

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Bar AMA Baro

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