Condolences statement of Buuloberde attack by Somali Diaspora Forum

imageOn behalf of the larger Somali Diaspora  community, we, members of Somalia-Diaspora Forum, are hereby sending our deepest condolences and sympathies to the families and loved ones of all those lost and injured in the March 17, 2014 terror attack at Amalo Hotel in Bulo Burde, Hiiraan, Somalia.
As Somalia Diaspora, the news of tragedy back home was shocking and frightful to a personal level.

Our heart-felt sympathies are with Hiil-Walaal Djibouti forces who endured the loss and injury of fellow members in the cowardly attack. This was yet another occurrence that uncovered the unequivocal commitment and selfless service of AMISOM ‘s sector 4 Hiil-Walaal Contingent from the brotherly Republic of Djibouti to the people of Hiiraan, in particular, and Somalia in general.

We contacted Hiil-Walaal commander Colonel Osman Dubad in Bulo Burde in the aftermath of the attack and conveyed our condolence; and, availing ourselves of this opportunity we would share the pain and memories with the families of those lost, president Ismail Omar Guelleh, and the government and people of Djibouti.

May Allah accept their martyrdom and invite them in His mercy and abundant amenities.


Somali Diaspora Forum


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